Natural Therapy For Diabetes

The basic principle of naturopathy is that the body has the ability to heal itself. It focuses on stimulating the body’s own vital force using these principles:

clean air and water
organic food
exercise and healthy living

Naturopaths are often trained in a range of skills which include herbalism, homeopathy, massage and nutrition and diet. The aim is to restore health and vitality by looking after the body in the way nature intended. Naturopaths believe that disease occurs when the body is thrown out of balance by the environment, genetic influence and destructive emotions – feelings such as hate or stress for example can upset hormone balance. This ties in perfectly with what the orthodox scientists believe are the trigger factors of diabetes.

Around the world there is a growing recognition of natural medicine, with the underlying belief that infections rarely take hold in bodies which are well cared for and well maintained. But naturopathy requires commitment from those receiving the treatment, and may call for whole changes to one’s lifestyle.

Dietary and nutritional advice will help all families with children with diabetes, A naturopath may recommend supplementing your child’s diet with magnesium and chromium, which are important for the uptake of insulin and glucose tolerance in the body. Herbal medicine may also be recommended. And although fasting, which is often used as a means of cleansing the body, is not appropriate for children with diabetes, the principles of healthy living can certainly be adopted, and will undoubtedly boost the immune system, which in turn will help the body to fight off infections more readily and keep blood glucose levels more stable.

Naturopaths take into account the whole child and are interested in the psychological significance of stress. They also like to encourage their patients to make changes to their lives, which result in healthier living.


Flower remedies are restorative and enjoyable, dealing with negative emotions by balancing energies and encouraging an enhanced sense of well being. They are useful for treating moods and the state of mind.

The remedies are made from the flowers of wild plants, bushes and trees. The best known are the Bach Flower Remedies named after the British homeopath, Dr Edward Bach, who created an original range of 39 remedies in the 1920s and 1930s. Other remedies are made throughout the world.

It is useful to match your child’s personality with an appropriate flower remedy, as each has its own characteristics. For children with diabetes try honeysuckle, which helps put the past in perspective, and cherry plum to deal with inner turmoil. Cerato will enable your child to trust her own judgment while crab apple is good for young people going through the turmoil of puberty, mimulus helps develop courage and red chestnut helps put fears into perspective. Bach’s Rescue Remedy is useful for reduce the after-effects of shock and trauma and stimulating the healing powers of the body. It helps in emergencies when your child feels panicky or shocked and will be a useful remedy to keep at home to deal with the after-effects of a hypo.

Flower remedies are completely safe and no contra-indications have been reported.

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