Chocolate Almond Superfood Protein Bar

Chocolate Almond Superfood Protein Bar
Blending organic whole grain quinoa, flaxseeds, organic cashew butter, organic coconut oil and our green SUPERFOOD blend (spirulina, green tea and chlorella) together for a bar that's filled with all the nutrients from a garden! Balancing the quinoa …

The Right Chemistry: JI Rodale was an early opponent of sugar
He also thought that wild game was a superfood because it was “free of the taint of chemical fertilizers.” Fertilizers do not … The audience files out with a memorable line still ringing in their ears: “Do you know mosquitoes never bite diabetics …
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Super foods will help combat diseases
On the other hand, following a varied and equilbrata diet, you can prevent diseases such as cancer, diabetes, metabolic disorders, heart disease and even those neuro-degenerative, whereas the food, in this respect, plays an absolute role importance …
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