Cancer questions over popular diabetes drugs raise furor

Cancer questions over popular diabetes drugs raise furor
Since entering the U.S. market in 2005, incretin therapies have revolutionized diabetes treatment by mimicking natural human chemicals, called incretins, that increase secretion of insulin, the hormone that keeps blood sugar in check. Unlike injected …

Could Type 1 diabetes be cured by mini-stomachs 'grown' in a lab?
A potential new treatment has now been identified for Type 1 diabetes, by tricking stem cells from the stomach into becoming insulin-producing 'mini-organs' within the body. This image shows a section of the mini organ … The scientists then placed …
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With a pinch of rock salt
And that tulsi-adrak chai helps cure a headache. But how effective are they? Dr Anil Ballani, Consulting General Physician, Hinduja Hospital, says, "Home remedies offer cures with simple, ingredients such as honey, fruits, herbs and natural oils. They …
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