The Instant Cure for Diabetes

The Instant Cure for Diabetes

Complete Home Health Care for the Family

by Ania Kastashchuk B.Sc., B.Edu N.C.

There are no incurable diseases, there are only incurable people.

Dr. Ron Garner, MD

Many diabetics put a lot of effort in trying to control their blood sugar for years, and still cannot reach their goal. They add more pills and start injecting insulin. Yet blood sugar is still 21 in the morning. However it is not only possible to control diabetes, but also to GET RID OF IT COMPLETELY. I’ve seen many diabetics type II and know at least one type I who were able to do so by following simple principles I am just going to share with you. Even those people who suffered diabetes type 1 and were not able to completely stop using medications, could substantially reduce their dosage and greatly improved their condition.

Let’s talk here about some secrets. Despite a lot of argument around diabetes, most important things are very well known about it.

First of all, diabetes is a lifestyle disease, not genetic. Why do I say it so boldly? Just look at the statistics.

Before 1900 diabetes was virtually unknown. Only somewhere by 1930 doctors became aware of its existence and started paying attention to it. During the next few decades it became more and more widespread, and by now it grows just pandemically. According to Thomas Smith, author of “Insulin, the Silent Killer”, Today, half the American population suffers one or more symptoms of this disease.

Just in the last decade, according to Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld diabetes has increased by 61 percent. For those who are in their 30’s this number is even higher – 76 percent. Just continue reading. “One in every three children now being born in the U.S. ultimately will become diabetic”. By the way, diabetes is not the only disease that became more frequent in the past century. In the beginning of the century heart disease was so rare that it was not even mentioned in medical dictionaries, as well as cases of cancer were so unusual that if anyone got sick, this horrifying news would shock the whole town where that person lived.

We have to agree that all degenerative diseases exploded in the last century, and the numbers are awful. And they get worse every day. “Coincidently” over the last 100 years were created many new “convenient foods”: margarine, pop, French fries, hamburger, chocolate bar. First man made food additives also appeared by 1900, and by now their number exceeds 3000. In the 1830’s when the world population was 1,000 million, recorded sugar production was 800,000 tonnes a year. Today annual production stands at 115,000,000 tonnes (per 6.6 billion people). It means in 70 years we increased consumption of sugar from 8 gr per person to 17.4 kg, which means we eat 2175 times more sugar than our grandma! No wonder we are so sick today!

Now a little bit about genetics. Most people inherited at least some weak organs. Some of us have a weak pancreas and liver, and as a result are more than oth­ers prone to developing diabetes early or later in life. This is a bad luck to have parents who passed on to us not very healthy body. However, it does not mean we have to be sick. Many people with diabetes, heart disease and cancer that recovered from their condition are a proof. There are thousands, probably, even millions of them. If genetics was everything, they would not be able to do it.

So there is hope. There is cure. This cure lies inside of you. The best doctor of you is you. It is a well known fact that dogs, cats, horses and other animals eat certain herbs and fast, when they are sick. They never took courses of herbology and never heard that fasting might be dangerous for health. If animals have this innate ability to be their own doctors, obviously, people should possess it at least at the same level, if not less. Where is this ability lost?

In order to find something, you need to know what you are looking for. In order for your body to choose a herb or a fruit it needs for healing, it should have an excess to it and to know it. Everybody craves for something once and a while, be it blueberries or garlic. However, how many herbs (green plants) are we familiar with and how many of them we consumed at least once in our life? Not so many.

#1 It is time to start educating our body about the plant world that is around us. Learning about different plants and their uses and safe use of those you know would enrich your body health library. And in the time of need it will request it. Add clover, dandelion leaves, lambs quarters and plantain to your salads. These plants are not poisonous and are usually unsprayed. They also have a strong vital force, because they will grow almost on any soil and in any overly dry or wet climates.

#2 Expose your body to a variety of healthy fresh foods. Planting your own garden is the best. Even after several hours after picking the fruit, it loses its flavor, which is indication of decreasing of nutritional content. Only fresh picked food is superior. It might not be possible to start a garden right away, but you can plant some plants in the pots, and I would highly encourage you to find an opportunity to eventu­ally grow your own food. This is the cost of the luxury of health, but it is worth it. In season go to you-picks or to the neighbors who grow vegetables and can sell you some, buy from farmers markets. There are many ways how to get better produce you have on your table at the moment. Find them. There is one additional advantage to doing that. Fresh quality produce is delicious and it almost does not need seasoning in order to be enjoyed.

#3 Get to love greens. Green smoothies, juices, powdered green superfoods, thoroughly chewed salads are all good options. Greens are the most nutrients dense food in the world. It also increases the quality of digestion of other foods, and what is most important, high content of fiber in eat helps body control its blood sugar content.

#4 Citrus fruit is fruit #1 for people with diabetes, because of it high bioflavonoids content. Bioflavonoids are substances that are bind with natural sugars and enhance absorption of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, which means it helps body get rid of harm­ful free radicals. To simply describe what free radicals do, I will bring an illustration. Just imagine that you need to sow a button to your shirt. Because you lost the one that was there, you decided to cut it of your mom’s suit. When mom noticed the absence of the button, she decided to cut off a button from grandmother’s dress and sow it unto her suit . . . This is a ridiculous story, but this is how free radicals work. They deprive atoms of the body cells their tiny parts — electrons and thus create an electrical imbalance. The atoms restore their electrons by stealing them from each other. As a result, many “holes” are formed in the cells, and our body systems can be severely damaged by them. Antioxidants help repair the holes, preventing and reversing the cell damage.

#5Eat a lot of blueberries. If you can, pick the wild variety in season and eat it right from the bush. They are rich in OPC (oligmer of proanthocyanin). OPC are antioxidants that are 20 times stronger than vitamin C and 50 times stonger than vitamin E. Grapes and their seeds contain considerable amounts of OPC also. The OPC are notes for assisting body in healing bruises, sprains, as well as as preventing leaking capillaries which is common in diabetics, especially in eyes, limbs and kidneys.

#6 Enzymes are crucial for those who have pancreas problems. Because diabetes is a “pancreas problem”, you need to get plenty of enzymes. The best source of digestive enzymes is fresh plant foods. Eat as much uncooked unprocessed food as possible. Additionally digestive en­zymes available as supplements are helpful as a temporal aid. However, remember the rule: if you don’t use it, you lose it. If you consume enzymes on a regular basis, your own pancreas might become lazy and not to produce enzymes as efficiently as when it has to work by itself.

#7 Get on a consistent exercise and weight loss programs (if you are overweight). Simply losing weight will help your body improve its hormonal balance and your general state of health, and most of all, self esteem.

Begin your journey now, not tomorrow. Instant decision to take a path of health will change your life for better here and now. It is still some ways to go, yet remember: you are predetermined for success when you believed it. When you believe it, you see it.


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