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There is no hiding the awful fact that diabetes is a very dangerous threat to a person’s life, especially for those who are getting old. Statistics show that an estimated one out of seven people are suffering from what is known as pre diabetic condition. Since there are no real cures for diabetes as of the moment, pre diabetic condition is the opportunity for you to avoid and beat the threat of this condition even before it occurs. But first, what is pre diabetic condition?

Pre diabetic condition is when the illness already exists in the person but it has not been diagnosed as of the moment. This is when it is best to stop it from developing entirely through the course of diabetes home remedies. Yes, there are steps that you can take to beat this illness without spending that much on doctors, hospital bills and expensive medicine. How will you know when to implement these diabetes home remedies? There are some questions you need to answer first. One of the things you have to determine is whether someone in your family has this condition already since diabetes can be inherited. Next, are you fat, overweight or obese? If so, then the chances of diabetes are higher. And do you like to exercise or are you the coach potato type? Because those who tend to be a bit lazy when it comes to taking care of their body are the ones who are susceptible to diabetes.

Studies have shown that roughly all those who have developed type 2 diabetes went through pre diabetes first. This means that when you have a family member who has type 2 diabetes, if you lack exercise and you feel that you are too fat, then chances are you have pre diabetes already. With over fifteen percent of the total population of the United States with this condition, then there is a high chance of you having this condition if you answered yes to one or more of the questions answered early on in this article. Plus, age is also a huge factor in developing type 2 diabetes. Those who are 45 to 65 years of age are at high risk of developing this condition. If you want to make sure that you have pre diabetes, there are two tests than you can choose from. First is the Fasting Plasma Glucose test or FPG and the Oral Glucose Tolerance test or OGT. If the tests prove to be positive and you have pre diabetes, chances are it will develop overtime. So what can you do about it?

A lot of advertisements and commercials show diabetes home remedies ranging from pills to other forms of drugs. But the fact is this, all you need to do if you are tested positive with pre diabetes is to change your lifestyle and start diabetes home remedies. Although this is much more difficult than taking medicine or drugs, it is far cheaper and much more effective compared to other methods. A change in lifestyle means that you should eat healthier. Avoid sweets and sugar and eat more fruits and vegetables. But that won’t be enough. You will also need to change your exercise habits as well. Be a bit more active and participate in any form of sport or any activity which helps you sweat. This will go a long way in burning all that excess sugar in your bloodstream.

It is recommended by doctors and health experts that you participate in physical activities at least an hour each day to stay fit and stay healthy. You can also still opt to take medication which will slow down the development of diabetes in addition to diabetes home remedies but the fact remains that you still need to change what you eat and you need to exercise as well.

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