Control Type 2 Diabetes Naturally Without Drugs!

Control Type 2 Diabetes Naturally Without Drugs!

Like many health conditions or diseases, type 2 diabetes is caused by your genetic background and your personal environment which, of course, is created by your lifestyle. Your genetic makeup is a done deal but your lifestyle can be modified.

A reduction of 5 to 10% in your body weight will help make your diabetes easier to manage. Your blood sugar levels will be lower and your type 2 diabetes will be slowed down. Unfortunately there is no magic answer to losing weight and keeping it off. Basically, it depends on balancing your calorie (kilojoule) intake against your calorie (kilojoule) output each day. It’s a matter of finding an eating plan that works for you and combining it with an efficient way that will burn calories.

There are prescription medications and natural supplements that may be helpful in controlling your insulin and blood sugar levels. Don’t hesitate to discuss these with your health care provider.

Natural supplements that you may find helpful include:

1. Cinnamon, which lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Putting a small amount of cinnamon in your foods can significantly improve your blood sugar levels.

2. Apple cider vinegar is reported to greatly improve insulin resistance. Vinegar has been used medicinally for at least two thousand years. Acetic acid inhibits the activity of enzymes which in turn allows sugar and starch to pass through the digestive tract much the same way as insoluble fiber does.

3. Chromium improves the action of insulin. Chromium polynicotinate has been found to be the most powerful type of chromium. Chromium has also been used to reduce sugar cravings.

4. Magnesium and potassium levels are usually low in the cells of the type 2 diabetic. These may need to be prescribed by your health care provider.

5. Vanadium imitates insulin and is believed to help reduce the actual amount of insulin used by your body.

6. Garcinia cambogia contains hydroxycitrate acid which signals the body to store glucose in your liver and not in your fat stores. This is called glycogen storage which is then ready to be used for energy when your blood sugar level is low.

There are supplements that can counteract some of the damaging effects of high blood sugar levels, others can play a supporting role in your blood sugar control. If your health care provider does not work with complementary medicine, he should be able to recommend a health care provider who does.

Whether you take medications or supplements, check from time to time to see how effectively they are keeping your blood sugar levels under control. Learn all you can about type 2 diabetes so you can be in the best position to make wise decisions about your treatment.

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