Can Diabetes Be Cured – The Truth Revealed?

Diabetes cannot be eradicated completely; however it is possible to control the progression of the disease and lead a hale and hearty life. If the patient is conscious and aware of the tips to control the disease, he or she may get enough span of life in spite of the disease. It is necessary to go for frequent blood glucose test and continuous monitoring.

A healthy range of blood glucose should be maintained. The glucose reading should not exceed 90-130 mg/dl at fasting and should be less than 180 mg/dl two hours after meals. At times patients who were on medications may not require any medicine or insulin therapy for days or a period exceeding as long as six months. This is known as the honeymoon phase, and patients often misinterpret this phase. They mistakenly think that they have got cured of diabetes. The various tips to keep the disease under check are as follows:

1. One has to keep exercising to keep the blood sugar under control. Low impact exercises like brisk walking, swimming, cycling, biking can be very helpful. Also light stretching exercises should be done regularly. Exercises would help to burn down calories, speed up the metabolic process, check obesity and improve blood circulation.

2. Fiber based diet intake like black beans, horse gram, kidney beans, carrot, barley etc should be increased, for such diet would lower the intestinal absorption of glucose and act as a scrubber for the lower intestinal tract. Whole grains, cereals should be included in diet. Citrus fruits consumption is necessary for they would help to check obesity. Fad diets contribute to obesity and are to be avoided.

3. Drinking 4 liters water a day is very essential for a diabetic. It would help to flush out or eliminate toxins and sugar from blood.

4. Life style modification, keeping oneself active, avoiding habits like smoking and alcoholism also helps to check diabetes.

5. De-stressing one self by having a positive attitude towards life, practicing meditation and deep breathing exercises, discussing one’s anxiety with other would also check the growth of the disease.

6. Keeping handy, hassle free measures for timely monitoring of blood sugar like glucose meter is necessary.

7. Medications and insulin therapy would also help to control diabetes.

8. Herbal supplements such as Diabkil is uniquely blended herbal formulation to lower blood sugar levels naturally. It is composed of time tested and powerful anti diabetic herbs that are highly beneficial in controlling sugar levels. This herbal supplement provides many other health benefits.

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Dr Andrew Napier