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The sad fact is asthma is a type of illness that has no cure, but with medication or natural remedies, the symptoms can be controlled. Some people who suffer from this respiratory ailment prefer the natural cure for asthma symptoms rather than using steroid based medications. There are proofs that these drugs worsen rather than heal the condition, since they tend to weaken the immune system and lead to more illness. Here are some ideas for you to consider in controlling your asthma attacks the natural way.

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When combined with hot water, licorice fights the lung inflammation that is caused by asthma naturally. However, this treatment should be discussed first with your health care provider, because licorice is believed to increase the effectiveness of the steroids usually used to treat asthma.


Ginseng is considered to be an effective natural cure for asthma. It is a well known oriental herb has anti inflammatory properties. It is great in managing bronchial irritation, thus, very effective in treating asthma, since it is, by nature, an inflammatory disease.

Vitamin C & E/Magnesium Supplements

According to studies asthma attacks causes large amounts of harmful free radicals to your body. And the perfect way to combat their negative effects which doctors believe can lead to several serious ailments is to take vitamin C and E every day. Aside from the mentioned vitamins, you can also use magnesium supplements. 500 mg of magnesium, taken everyday will open up your lung’s air passages, can widen your bronchial tubes that will facilitate easier breathing and reduce the chances of a severe asthma attack.


Diet is a very basic natural cure for asthma, because the fact is, there are certain foods that can trigger an asthma attack. So it is best to eat more fish like salmon and tuna, nuts, seeds and flaxseed oil. These foods are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that can tremendously help to reduce lung inflammation among asthma patients.

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