Why it’s so hard to kick your sugar habit

Why it’s so hard to kick your sugar habit
A common indicator of addiction is if a person suffers from a loss of control. Drayer explains: “If a person is obsessing about how he or she will get their sugar fix, and they simply can’t focus on anything else, and they have a psychological …
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Could San Diego company hold cure for Type 1 diabetes?
SAN DIEGO — Viacyte President Paul Laikind is optimistic about a cure for Type 1 diabetes. … If the drug is successful, people with Type-1 diabetes wouldn’t need insulin shots anymore, making the disease something that doesn’t consume their lives.
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Well | New Dietary Guidelines Urge Less Sugar for All and Less Protein for
This summer, the Food and Drug Administration proposed labels that would require food and beverage firms to disclose the amount of added sugar as a way to distinguish it from naturally-occurring sugar in foods. The advice to cut back on sugar echoes …
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