What’s Trending: 5 New Healthy Snack Options

What’s Trending: 5 New Healthy Snack Options
… sweet to savory means less sugar, which is a plus. Sugar can lead to diabetes, feed cancer, and provides no benefit to your diet. … Sneak superfoods into your diet with quinoa chips or roasted chickpeas. Both quinoa and chickpeas are an excellent …
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5 Superfoods You Can Sneak into Anything
Adding omega-3s into your diet can reduce inflammation in the body, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center, helping to protect you against chronic diseases such as arthritis, cancer and type 2 diabetes. Don’t wait for recipes that call …
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Small Wonders
Dubbed a racy flab-buster, green coffee is the hot new entrant in the superfood marquee. Prepared from unroasted coffee beans, green coffee carries chlorogenic acid (missing in coffee obtained from roasted beans), which helps in regulating diabetes.
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