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If you have type 2 diabetes, you may be surprised to know that you can beat diabetes naturally and prevent the complications of diabetes. By following a few rules strictly you can improve your blood sugar control you health and your life. Beating diabetes means making some changes in your lifestyle. While it may seem difficult at first, the long-term rewards of changing your lifestyle to accommodate good health practices will reward you with a healthy and fit body.

Type 2 diabetics must watch their food intake. Eating a balanced diet that contains little to no over processed foods, fried foods, and food with a high carbohydrate content is recommended. One way to begin to make sure you are making good food choices for diabetes is to begin to use the plate method. Start by visually marking your plate in half. Then mark on half into half again. Fill the first half of the plate with green vegetable preferably uncooked. Then fill one-half of the other half of the plate with protein. Finally fill the other half of the half with beans, potatoes, or other starchy vegetable. Finish the meal with fruit for dessert. You are on your way to good nutrition for diabetes.

If you’re overweight managing your diet and getting daily activity is crucial to help you control your blood sugar and beat type 2 diabetes. The only way to lose weight is to consume less calories than you burn. When you eat fewer calories than you need, your body will begin to convert fat cells to energy for your body, thus causing you to lose weight. This is possible by daily exercise, and consuming fewer calories than you need during the day. A nutritionist can help you plan you daily food intake so you consume proper nutrition, and don’t feel deprived while eating the proper amount.

Exercise will also help burn the fat. Combining aerobic exercises such as walking, biking, or swimming with strength training will burn fat and tone your body. Some people, especially women hesitate to do strength training. Just two words on this….DO IT!. Strength training will build and tone muscles. Muscle cells require more energy throughout the day than do fat cells. You’re not only losing weight, but your getting a fit body. If you have not been exercising regularly, you’ll be amazed at the results and you blood sugar control will be much better.

Checking and recording your blood sugar is an important part of managing and beating your type 2 diabetes. Be sure to check daily and record results. As you being to lose weight, get more toned, and make healthy food and portion choices you’ll be well on your way to beating your type 2 diabetes.

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