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Chia seeds: The anti-inflammatory superfood
When it comes to mainstream foods and beverages, chia seeds are a relatively new ingredient in the marketplace. I was introduced to chia seeds a few years ago, but didn't become a fan until I started soaking them in liquid and using them in other ways …
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Pennsylvania man brought back to life after freezing in snow bank
Last February, Don Smith found his son, Justin, frozen in a snow bank for at least 10 hours in a blistering snowstorm. For the first time since the incident— and Justin's recovery— the family and doctors shared their story. ADVERTISEMENT. Justin, 25 …
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Black pudding hailed as a 'superfood'
Fry-up fans have something to cheer about in 2016 – the humble black pudding is now being hailed as a 'superfood' thanks to its nutritional benefits. Writing for the Daily Mail, journalist Anucyia Victor has drawn up a list of 16 foods she predicts …

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