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Eating barley could cut your risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes
Eating bread or other foods made with barley could beat obesity , heart disease and diabetes, according to new research. The ‘ superfood ‘ has a special mix of dietary fibres which boosts metabolism and reduces appetite, blood sugar and insulin levels …
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SlowFoodNation Unveils Its Pine Pollen Superfood
I won’t stand here and say that it is the cure for diabetes, but it can help to manage it and perhaps even bring it into remission.” People interested in the superfood are encouraged to contact SlowFoodNation for further information. A comprehensive …
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6 reasons okra or bhindi is a superfood for diabetics
Your very own okra or bhindi, a staple vegetable enjoyed by many is becoming a superfood for diabetes. Experts believe that the fruit-vegetable has properties that can control blood glucose level, help in weight management and boost overall health.
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