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Is Matcha Green Tea The New Miracle Elixir? Pure Green Tea Powder Packs
Various companies that manufacture matcha green tea tout health benefits like prevention of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and growth of cancer cells; anti-aging properties and even increased metabolism and weight-loss. The scientific literature is …
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Maple Syrup: A Memory Booster?
… could prove useful in preventing dementia – and the sweet substance has previously received praise as a superfood due to its high antioxidant content – with some research explaining that it could even help lessen the risk of diabetes and certain …
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Quinoa: An excellent grain substitute, this superfood is making its way into
With a thing or two about trendy foods (also called superfoods) is regularly appearing on your news feed, the chances of you hearing the buzz words is more than normal. Many fitness aficionados … Thus quinoa is one of the best options for diabetes …
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