Diabetes Symptoms and Perfect Natural Home Treatment for Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a widespread disease in the United States. It is estimated that over 16 million Americans are already caught with diabetes, and 5.4 million diabetics are not aware of the existing disease.

Diabetes prevalence has increased steadily in the last half of this century and will continue rising among U.S. population

It is believed to be one of the main criterions for deaths in United States, every year. This diabetes in order hub projects on the necessary steps and precautions to control and eradicate diabetes, completely.

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Diabetes is a metabolic disorder where in human body does not produce or correctly uses insulin, a hormone that is required to convert sugar, starches, and other food into energy.

A diabetic feels hungry and thirsty most of the time, does not put on weight, and gets tired easily, both physically and spiritually.
He looks pale, and may go through from anaemia, constipation, intense itching around the genital organs, palpitations, and general weakness. He feels drowsy and has a lower sex urge than a normal person.

Diabetes has been described as a wealth disease, primarily caused by overeating and consequent obesity. Not only is the overeat of sugar and refined carbohydrates harmful, but an excessive intake of proteins and fats, which are distorted into sugar if taken in excess, may also result in diabetes.

Treatment for Diabetes

As symptoms of diabetes tend to show up a great deal later than the condition occurs in your body, it is advisable to have your blood sugar levels diagnosed periodically.

Even if there are natural remedies that have been developed for the treatment for diabetes, insulin injections and implantable insulin pumps are the most required out ones. Type 1 diabetes can be treated with exercise, insulin and a unbiased diet.

Type 2 diabetes is first treated with weight reduction, a diabetic diet and exercise. Weight reduction and exercising increases the body’s sympathy to insulin, thus controlling blood sugar elevations.

Home Remedy for Diabetes

1.  Having fenugreek seeds water is one of the most successful remedy for treating diabetes. Saturate 90 -100 seeds in 250 liters of water. Keep them all night. In the morning mash the seeds and strain them. Drink this water everyday.

2.  Bittermelon or bitter gourd is also beneficial in curing diabetes. A person suffering from diabetes can have half cup juice frequently. Another method would be to fry the bittermelon and add salt and other condiments.

3.  Take some honey and combine equal amounts of turmeric powder and dried gooseberry powder to it. Have this mixture regularly. Another method would be to mix equal amounts of gooseberry juice and fresh turmeric juice. Intake this mixed juice on an empty stomach daily.

4.  Mango leaves also fight diabetes. Take about 3-4 mango tree leaves and boil them in water. Have this water when warm.

5.  For people who have higher sugar level, chew 3-4 leaves of jamun (Syszygium cumini) in the morning and evening. One can also mash 3-4 leaves of jamun tree in half cup of water and drink it.

6.  Dip 60 grams of fresh ripe fruit in 300 ml of boiling water and cover it. After about half an hour, mash the jamun and strain it. Drink this juice three times a day.

7.  Mix 3 tablespoons of cinnamon powder to a liter of water. Heat this water for 20 minutes. Strain this combination and have the water when warm.

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