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Diabetes is one of the highest growing maladies in the urbanized world. A UCLA study reports an increase of 26%. Apart from longer life spans, which result in a rise in the number of cases of late onset diabetes, there are other factors at play.
Types of Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes
Juvenile Diabetes
Adult-onset diabetes
Cure for Diabetes
Pumpkin: It is a fruit that carries a sugar which hinders absorption of glucose and mixes it with surplus cholesterol of the body. It does not allow the level of bad cholesterol to rise above a certain level. It obstructs the hardening of arteries. The people who suffer from diabetes are recommended to take almost 150 gm pumpkin daily for improving their health.
Onion: Most of us do not love to have onions. However it is good to note here that onion is a healthy diabetic food. Onion contains a component that has the potential of activating insulin production. This substance is beneficial for diabetes patients. Onion also carries amino acid and sulfur. These two components perform the role of regulating blood fat formation. This prevents the complication of arteriosclerosis. Onion is beneficial for diabetic sufferers.
Spinach: Spinach makes an excellent meal for diabetics. It contains a component that has the potential of lowering down the glucose blood level in the human body.
Eel: Eel is beneficial for diabetics as it is good for their heart and liver.. Recent researches have revealed that eel contains an ingredient that can lower down the level of blood glucose. Eel has been long used by Japanese for curing diabetes.
White Fungus: It is full of healthful nutrients. White fungus contains medicinal value as well. It is rightly said to be the pearl of all fungus. The best thing amongst all other fungus is that it carries fewer calories but lot of dietary fiber.
Cucumber: Cucumber helps to relieve not only heat but thirst too. Studies have suggested that cucumber is the healthiest vegetable for the patients of diabetes. The patients get vitamin C, carotene, fiber as well as mineral by eating cucumber. It also carries tartonate that hinders the sugar from converting in fats.
Exercise Routine:
Walk for at least 20 minutes: One of the most lethal aspect of diabetes is the way it catalyses diabetes. Walking makes you breathe heavily and you can feel the heart working harder. But remember that it must never lead to palpitation. If your stamina is very low for 20 minutes then shift your milestone to a lesser time duration and gradually increase it.
Start the day with exercise: Being diabetic is very tricky on the body. Many times you may find yourself low on sugar levels due to heavy workouts or wrong workout at the wrong time. Owing to this unpredictability, it is best to start off your day with exercise because, after an optimum level of sleep, there cannot be much vagaries in the sugar levels and you do not have to worry about fluctuations. It sets a pattern for the body too such that the biological clock is tuned to a healthy lifestyle alleviating imbalances.
Aerobic exercises with less impact on legs: Diabetes leads to a nervous disorder called diabetic neuropathy which results in weakening of nerves. The most affected part of the body is feet. The worrying aspect of this is that the symptoms do not show up for diabetic neuropathy. So, if you feel any pain or pressure in the feet portion, then switch to swimming, bicycling and other similar aerobic exercises that do not exert pressure on legs.

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