Diabetes Symptoms and Natural Home Treatment for Diabetes

Diabetes is not a disease. It is a body form in which either there is less production, or lack of proper response to insulin hormone shaped in the pancreas.


Insulin is significant for us because it helps cells absorb glucose for convert into energy.

Diabetes leads to buildup of glucose in blood, the cause why it is also called blood sugar.

Diabetes is dispersal rapidly in the US and approximately the world. It is predictable that there are about fifteen million diabetics in America.

There are two major types of diabetes mellitus: Insulin dependent Juvenile Diabetes (IDDM-Type I) in which the body is unable to manufacture insulin

Diabetes is a disease that develops, due to a problem with the hormone insulin, produced by the pancreas.

Insulin controls the glucose in the blood, and how much glucose is absorbed by the cells; which in turn use glucose to manufacture energy.

Causes of Diabetes

1.  Age: Increased age is a factor which gives more opportunity than in younger age. This sickness may occur at any age, but 80% of cases occur after 50 year, incidences increase with the age factor.

2.  Infection: Some of the strephylococci is suppose to be accountable factor for infection in pancreas.

3.  Sex: Diabetes is usually seen in elderly specially males but, strongly in women and those females with multiple pregnancy or suffering from (PCOS) Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

4.  Hypertension: It had been reported in many studies that there is direct relation between high systolic pressure and diabetes.

Symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes is more often than not called as a silent killer, since most often in initial period, there won’t be any alarming symptom at all.

Also patients use to get accustomed to the situation, i.e., with more water and food.

1.  Voracious thirst and excessive fluid intake (medically termed as Polydipsia)

2.  Increased hunger / appetite (Polyphagia) and craving for sugar

3.  Excessive urination and common trips to toilet – (Polyuria) – especially at night

4.  Unusual weight loss or obesity

Treatment of Diabetes

1.  Avoid sugar in any form – rice, potato, banana, cereals & fruits contain high percentage of sugar content.

2.  Include at least one bitter dish in every meal

3.  Take plenty of green vegetables, black gram, soy, fish etc

4.  Vegetables such as Bitter Gourd, string beans, cucumber, onion and garlic, fruits such as Indian Gooseberry, Jambul Fruit and Grapes and grains like Bengal gram and black gram should be built-in in the diet.

Home Remedies to Cure Diabetes

1. Take juice of bilva and parijataka leaves in equal parts for normal remedy of diabetes. Take two teaspoons of it twice a day.

2. Avoid drinking alcohol (with beer, gin, wines and whisky).

3. Take two teaspoons of minced Fenugreek seeds with milk. Two teaspoons of the seeds can also be swallowed whole, daily.

4. Avoid sweets, chocolates, rice, banana, grapes, mangoes, dry fruits, oils, cakes and pastries.

5. Boil 15 fresh Mango leaves in 1 glass of water. Leave during the night. Filter this water and drink first obsession in the morning.

6. Eat green vegetables, coriander, cucumber, cabbage, coconut, chenopodium album (bathu), creeper of pumpkin, cucumber, cabbage, bitter guard, carrot, tomato, lemon, radish, onion and ginger

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